How Profitable is YOUR Career Or Business Presentation?


In September, I was ON AIR sharing some TCE Career & Biz boosters for a corporate radio station. While on ai,r a question was posed to me: “TCE, all this talk about social media skills for a job…how about telling career seekers to THINK before they DRESS…and show up at the interview?” This question came from a frustrated human resources professional who can’t believe the caliber of candidates that are showing up in her office.


She shared her experiences of career seekers having “no clue” on how their lack of presentation is affecting their ability to land that job. Of course, her question allowed me to “shift gears” and go TCE RAW on the radio as we spent some real time on this. Then it hit me…with all this focus on technology boosters…how many of us really grasp the power of your presentation during your career hunt or business dealings? So in TCE style, here are some things that impress or distress me on both sides of the coin (Career seeker or a Business Owner).

TCE 80/30 Rule: The Truth — you have 30 seconds to WOW a potential employer or client. If you fail that 30 second test, you are toast! The 80% decision has been made about your value, effectiveness, likability and fit (notice I said nothing about your performance…hum). Is this fair, is it right, is it legal? Bottom-line: it’s human! So what can you do about this 30 second booster or disaster potential? It’s simple. Ensure your presentation is tight, right, on-point, polished and up a notch above your competition. (Topic closed).

Maximize Human Technology! At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done…ask yourself the following questions:

What “clear” messages do you want folks to “get” when they have connected with you?When you “leave the room,” what is remembered about you?When someone views your brand (image, style, substance,) what happens next?What thoughts generate when someone says your business name or career brand?

Human technology can boost your brand beyond the power of your graphic artist or professional career coach. Those “soft” skills that we gather from a strong liberal arts base are powerful. Know and execute the “rules of engagement”—the ability to capture the interest of “the room” when you walk in. The way you interact in formal or social settings with persons of diversity in terms of social status, culture, business and politics is critical. So my challenge to you: check your human technology skills if you want to increase your presentation and profitability.

You ALWAYS Remember Your First: Career seekers, your resume or profile is the first work sample a potential employe will see from you, so make sure it maximizes what you have and minimizes what you don’t. Business owners, stop the “free card from vistaprint” mentality.

business-people (1)

When I see those words on the back of a business card I dismiss any future engagement with that business owner. Just think about it, why would I invest TCE time or treasure with a business owner who refuses to do the same in their OWN business? There is a simple solution for this: make sure your marketing materials reflects a professional brand that echoes “I am ready for REAL business.”


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