Sales Enablement – Challenges And Advantages Of Working Remotely

Sales Enablement

Considering the challenges and advantages of working remotely is something you should do before you consider this as an option for your sales team. In many tech companies, working remotely has become one of the leading ways of working, especially in sales teams. However, there are both up and downsides to this approach. As a sale team works closely together, sometimes it might be better to be physically close as well, even though flexible working sounds appealing to many.

Your Sales Teams Schedules

Sales Teams SchedulesWorking from 9 to 5 does not thrill people to pieces. However, many digital companies still abide by this rule precisely because they are not amazed by flexible and remote working. Remote working, on the other hand, allows you to work remotely from your company, be flexible with flexible hours and still get the job done from the comfort of your home, or a tropical beach if you feel like it. The downsides? You might be working at a different pace and a different schedule than the rest of your team which might create some discrepancies in your schedule and your performance.

If you as a sales person want to convince your sales director that this is the option for you, you might present them with the numerous studies that have shown that flexible working is highly beneficial, for both you and the company. Studies have shown that flexible working not only increases the productivity of the worker, but it also saves the company money and improves the overall performance of a sales team. In this way, Sales Enablement will be one of the goals which you will achieve just by working remotely. On the other hand, there are also many downsides we have mentioned, but as a true sales person do not mention them to your boss if you want to start working remotely. Still, you should keep them in mind.

Commuting Or Computing?

In the tech world, we are all already connected via our computers and Internet. The time which is spent on commuting might as well be spent on computing which will give better results on the sales teams. But how will you manage a team that works remotely is another story. The increased productivity also means lack of surveillance which leaves enough space for people to start working less overtime. Getting the job done is the most important thing, and if you manage to do it from home or any other place that is amazing. However, on most days people need to be stimulated by their environment and what better way to do it than to work with your co-workers. It is why company bases work so well.

Even if you can work from home, perhaps it would be the best for you if you worked from a base. It is a common practice for many tech firms, which is why many of them have numerous bases throughout the world.


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