The One Trait Every Employee You Hire Should Have


Whether you’re a startup just taking off or a corporation celebrating its fifteenth year with a new location, the most important thing to the success of a business, both initial and continual, is committing to action. As a business owner, part of that action is hiring employees who maintain that commitment and share in the vision of the company going on to bigger and better things. When you start looking for people to join your team, there’s one trait above all that you’ll want to see reflected in their resume, their interview, and overall personality that they can bring day-to-day to the business.

You’ll want to hire someone with drive

People with drive seldom come with that singular trait alone backing them up, as I’ve discovered over the years and known just as much myself. At my core, I believe that one of the most important qualities in a person is a strong work ethic which rarely goes anywhere without drive by its side.

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Drive is what will get you where you need to get going to, and won’t allow you to give up along the way either. And while it’s extremely beneficial to have in a person, by hiring someone with drive your business will receive a plethora of additional strengths added to it.

Excellent Follow-Through

Entrepreneurs have a stereotype of being seen as far-flung and all over the place as they tend to have multiple ideas all at once and no real execution plan in place to see them through. This is where hiring people with drive and strong work ethics comes into play: their drive can match your zest while still maintaining a much-needed balance along the way by staying organized and following through with partners and affiliates interested in working with as well as establishing client relationships to ensure a future partnership takes place.

Tireless Work

Giving up is the easiest thing you can do, particularly if you run a small business that isn’t seeing immediate overnight success right off the bat.

The right amount of drive in a person will lead to producing solid work without complaining along the way. Sure, they may need to brake every now and then and pause for a moment to take a breath and continue on, but the point is that they continue. And typically they pick it back up at about the same speed as before – no lag time included!

Care about Their Output

The boss’ opinion matters, as does the rest of the department from the senior level executive to the fresh-faced intern. People with drive like feedback, both positive and constructive because for both categories it’s not the first time they’ve heard it in either case.

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They don’t get bruised easy from constructive criticism nor do they let their ego balloon with too much praise. Every business will see the work produced and view it differently. Be embracing of these opinions instead of fighting them and willing to make changes to your work when need be.


They may have a destination in mind, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t veer off in new directions or take different routes in order to get there! People with drive seldom think in the box and are happy for more opportunities to try a new approach as well as constantly suggesting new ideas for their department as well as the company as a whole.

Getting Things Done

The whole point of hiring additional employees for your business is to have them help you in areas that you cannot manage alone or may not have a strong amount of expertise in. Their experience is certainly useful to have, but it’s their drive and commitment to achieving goals as well as setting them that will make your business go the extra mile.

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Beyond just the workplace, surrounding yourself with driven, focused people is important to your personal life. This kind of commitment helps engender trust and respect from those around you, making you as well as others successful in the process.


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